One of our iconic and most sought after brand, that offer pest control in homes. It aims to provide affordable, effective and accessible home care. It offers a range of insecticide sprays, bug killers, rat killers and coils with 100 percent effectiveness.


About Our Products

Kingtox’s flagship product is Kingtox Green, which caters to all the pest problems the consumers face at home. No matter if the invaders are mosquitos, flies, lizards, cockroaches, bugs or other household pests, the Kingtox’s unique insecticide formula knocks them down and protect the consumer and their loved ones from the pests that are a source of many dangerous diseases.
Kingtox’s aim is to provide our customers with premium quality products in an affordable range, which are highly effective, easy to use and can aid them in their day-to-day life and ensuring 100% of their satisfaction with the use of our products.

Success Stories

Kingtox classic green is one of the most used insecticides trusted by million of households in the country.

Kingtox Classic Green is King’s flagship product that has earned strong support from its loyal customers as being the leading insect and pest killer in Pakistan.


0years of providing quality homecare products
0cities all over Pakistan offer our product range
0million units worth sold annually