We at Fine Daily, have an ambition to make every day a healthier and happier one. We are proud to have a rich legacy behind, the legacy of trust since 1984, and a customer base of millions who are at the heart of our success. What started from a small setup for a locally manufactured mosquito-killing mat has now transpired into an iconic flagship brand Kingtox and a range of other King brand products. We are all geared up to raise the bar and build on our success of other famous brands Krone, Delite, Glamour, and many others to make every day a cherished one.

Fine Daily Vision Mission & Core Values


Trust and believe in the oneness of Allah and His Prophet Muhammad (SAW) as His last messenger. We conduct ourselves in a way acceptable to Allah & intend to please Him in all our doings.

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We uphold the highest standards of integrity in all our actions.

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We are Committed to guide people towards the right direction on work related & routine matters.

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Devise and Drive Opportunities to innovate, Promote initiatives that add values, take calculated risks & follow culture of continuous improvement.

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To be a consumer-centric market leader of products that enrich the lives of our consumers across the globe.



Committed to inspiring people daily through our innovative and quality products

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Identification and exploitation of opportunities and in taking preemptory action against potential problems.

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A strong will to win in the marketplace and in every aspect of our business and lives. Demonstrate Resilience, Accept positive change by being productive in any environment

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A commitment to innovation and excellence through finding out of box solutions.

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We are dynamic, respect each other, prioritize our internal and external customer’s needs & love what we do.

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We believe that People are our greatest assets, therefore, we invest in People, developing and empowering them to make business critical decisions, learning from them and excelling through their experiences all in the meantime celebrating their performance.

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